Machine Learning & AI

Data Science, Deep Learning and VR Consultants

We are a data science and deep learning consultancy based in Melbourne Australia.

Want to know how AI and Deep learning can be applied to your business?
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Data Science

Our background is in data science, and providing in depth reporting and forecasting for business across a wide range of industries. Have a chat to us today about how we can help.

Deep Learning

Using the latest machine learning techniques and neural networks we can find new features in data and make accurate predictions across all aspects of business

Creative AI

Deep Learning has the potential to be a massive tool for artists working in any medium. We are currently using this technology to generate novel text, images, music and video.

VR / AR & AI

We are currently exploring the applications of Deep Learning for the generation of VR / AR environments as well as interactivity.

About Bluewave

Deep Learning
Data Science

We have been in business for the past 10 years, utlising our data science and technical knowledge to deliver online advertising solutions for clients all over the world.

We have recently shifted focus to put our expertise in machine learning into practice across a wider range of applications.

We are currently working with clients to apply machine learning and AI to their products, consulting with them to improve current workflows and productise data that they are currently collecting.

If you want to see just what the possibilities for AI are for your business, please contact us for a no obligation chat to go over ideas and potential solutions.

Based in Melbourne, we are also working to develop stand alone products in the creative AI space. This work also deals in the real of VR/AR, and we are looking to bring this product to market in early 2018.

Our Team

We love what we do and are always looking to collaborate across disciplines with the best talent.
Steve Mills
Steve Mills
With 19 years experience working with cutting edge technology, , Steve brings great passion and depth of knowledge to each project.

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